Underage Drinking

A Pennsylvania DUI lawyer should be consulted as soon as possible if a person under the age of 21 is charged with underage drinking. While the police in Bucks County and elsewhere in southeastern Pennsylvania cannot arrest you for underage drinking unless you are violent, disorderly or very drunk, you will receive a citation and a conviction can have serious consequences. If you are convicted of underage drinking, it will go on both your criminal record and your driving record, even if you were not driving a car. This can cause complications later on, such as higher car insurance premiums and problems with prospective employers.

Teenagers have experimented with alcohol for as long as alcohol has been around. But the police in Bucks County no longer dump out your beer and send you home. Bucks County Police now issue citations to high school and college students under the age of 21 for purchasing, attempting to purchase, possessing, transporting and/or using alcohol. If you are under eighteen, they will also notify your parents. William DeNardo is a Pennsylvania DUI lawyer with extensive experience defending teenagers and young adults against this type of charge.

While a BAC of .08 is the legal limit in Bucks County Pennsylvania, no amount of alcoholis allowable in a person under the age of 21. The results of a breathalyzer test are not used as evidence in a DUI, but they can be used in a charge of Underage Drinking because the police only have to determine that ANY amount of alcohol was consumed.

Legal penalties for a first offense of underage drinking in Bucks County Pennsylvania include a driver’s license suspension of 90 days, even if the accused was nowhere near a car. If the person does not have a license or learner’s permit, they are prohibited from applying for one for the same 90 day period. There will also be fines and court costs exceeding $400.

A citation issued by the Bucks County police must be responded to within ten days. It is very important to discuss your specific situation with a Pennsylvania DUI lawyer before responding to the citation. A Pennsylvania DUI lawyer can help you decide how to respond, and can determine if the evidence against you was obtained properly.

Kids make mistakes. And the loss of their license can have serious effects, including the loss of job and educational opportunities. Pennsylvania DUI lawyer William DeNardo uses his experience defending those charged with underage drinking in Bucks County and throughout southeastern Pennsylvania. Allow him to help you so the charges don’t haunt you for years to come. If you have been charged with underage drinking please contact Bill at 610-945-1999 today to discuss your situation.