Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

If you have been stopped for suspicion of Driving Under the Influence, it is critical that you contact an experienced PA DUI lawyer who can analyze the important issues in your case and aggressively fight to achieve the best result possible. In his many years of experience, William DeNardo has handled hundreds of DUI cases throughout southeastern Pennsylvania. Bill’s reputation and track record of success speaks for itself.

As a former Prosecutor with the Montgomery County Major Crimes Unit, William was involved in the investigation and prosecution of people suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances. Bill took the lessons learned as a prosecutor with him into private practice. Since 2001, Bill has devoted the bulk of his criminal practice to defending clients charged with DUI.

Bill recognizes that each client’s DUI case is unique. William works with his clients to make sure their objectives are met. Whether it is aggressive litigation of pre-trial motions attacking the evidence, going to trial to defend his client, or negotiating with police and prosecutors for a fair disposition of his client’s case, Bill will always keep his client’s best interests in mind and work tirelessly to achieve the best result.

In Pennsylvania, Driving Under the Influence offenses are considered misdemeanors. However, police, prosecutors and judges treat driving under the influence as a very serious crime. If convicted of DUI, the penalties could include:

  •  mandatory jail and prolonged court supervision;
  • A 12 – 18 month driver’s license suspension;
  • Court ordered alcohol and/or drug treatment;
  • Costly fines and court costs;
  • The instillation of a breath testing device into your automobile (referred to as an “Ignition Inter-lock” device

In some instances, a person charged with DUI may be able to gain admission to the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program. Admission into this program could keep you out of jail and allow for the arrest to be expunged from your criminal record. Contact Bill if you have been charged by the police with driving under the influence (DUI). Bill will analyze your case and advise you about your best options moving forward.